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We've turned
bookkeeping on its head

We believe that traditional bookkeeping is fundamentally flawed. 

Like many industries, bookkeeping was structured by financial professionals to serve their needs, ahead of their clients.

We have reversed that traditional approach of reactive bookkeeping, and created a bookkeeping solution that ensures you are always put first!

For example, traditional bookkeeping is never current. You have to wait till the bookkeeper reconciles at the end of the month, which typically takes them a few days at best, to a week, or more. But your business doesn’t stop for them, so more transactions have occurred in your business that end up waiting on your bookkeeper to deal with when they get to it.

If you need to provide financial statements to someone, you’re inevitably having to contact your bookkeeper who tells you they’ll get those done and to you in a few days or more. 

Everything in the traditional world of bookkeeping is reactive and we hated that! We set out to turn bookkeeping into what we wanted as business owners, instead of what was easiest for the bookkeeper.

Now, your bookkeeping can be proactive

EZ Books makes bookkeeping proactive! 

Your books are updated every day so they are always current. You always have instant access to guaranteed accurate financial statements! Your accountant is always responsive and happy to talk with you, answer questions, or make adjustments.

There is nothing else like EZ Books – anywhere! You are going to love what bookkeeping is like when it’s focused on making it easy for your business!


Finally, your bookkeeping is off your plate, so you can do what you want to do!

Our Core Focus

To free up the time and talents of small businesses and their owners to the benefit of families, neighbors, and communities

We are on a mission, and our Core Focus encapsulates our passion to help everyone we serve and every member of our team. There are so many challenges related to money that cause people anxiety and problems.

We believe that helping people and their businesses to be more financially proactive, can enable them to be better, and do better. Thus providing freedom for them to benefit their families, neighbors, and communities.

Together, we will not only make your bookkeeping easier and better, but you will be empowered to pass that on to all those you interact with, and benefit their lives. That’s the legacy we want to see from our core focus!

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